5 Strong Marketing Tips During COVID-19

Borris is looking to announce yet another lockdown in England. This may be a surprise to some but predicted for many. Difficult times for businesses trying to do everything they can to stay afloat during these challenging times.

I still haven’t met or heard of a business or individual that has not been affected in some way due to COVID-19. Many are just burying their heads in the sand, carrying on as normal with their marketing strategies — in the hope things will get back to normal soon, however, this second lockdown has proven that COVID isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

What will ‘normal’ be like in the months and years to come? Will, it ever be ‘normal’ again!

Marketing strategies should always evolve and be challenged on a regular basis. That was true even before COVID-19. You need to ensure that steps are being taken to improve your strategy so that you can stay relevant and on top of the current marketing conditions. After all, markets change because of a number of reasons, not just a pandemic.

Creating a website, setting up social media accounts, uploading YouTube videos does not justify your business “going digital”. There’s a lot more behind the scenes work that goes into transforming a business into a successful digital business.

Times are tough, so here are 5 strong marketing tips that could improve your marketing strategy and help make it “COVID Proof”.

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Here are 5 strong marketing tips that could make your marketing strategy COVID proof:

1. Completely reassess your current strategy and shift your expectations.

Strip it apart and start again. Ensure budgets for every activity are allocated to the things that are more suited to today’s market and adjust your expectations according to the current marketing conditions. Get rid of dated strategies that you “think work” and start looking at more relevant strategies that work better in our digital age.

2. Have a short and long-term strategy.

Many companies need a quick injection of enquiries or orders to keep the wheels turning at this difficult time. Well-crafted paid advertising can give quick results. Search engine optimisation takes time but can give a greater return in the long run. But, focus on the long run too much and you may not be around long enough to reap the rewards from it.

3. Keep it simple.

Don’t do ten things badly; do 3 things brilliantly. This will be a much better use of your budget and you will see better results.

4. It’s not just about digital.

We’re seeing greater results from direct marketing activities because hardly anyone else is doing it! How nice is it to receive something through the post that is useful while working from home or being welcomed back to the office? Draw people in with useful information whilst selling your service or product. Win them over with something informative.

5. Strengthen existing relationships.

During troubled times, it’s easy to forget that your best audience is the people you know and work with already. Don’t forget them. Let them know you’re supporting them, understand their challenges and let them know how you have tailored your offering for today’s climate.

Finally, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the digital marketing puzzle. You will need to be nimble and creative. Measure your success, and learn from the experiment.

Remember, stay positive, don’t give up, you can and you will get through this challenging time. Thank you for reading.

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