How to rank for keywords and boost website traffic in 2021

Are you wanting to know how you can easily and quickly boost your websites traffic in 2021?

It’s a tough game out there and ranking number one quickly can be tricky, if not impossible, however, this article aims to help you increase the odds and potentially land you in the top 5 results in no time!

How to rank for keywords

Ranking for keywords is easier said than done, in-fact, it can sometimes take a number of months before you start seeing the ideal results, so it’s definitely a patient game…

Keywords are words or phrases that are relivant to the blog or website that you’re writing about or searching for. Google uses these keywords to help searchers like me and you find exactly what we’re looking for.

Some keywords are trickier to rank for than others, you can see on Ubersuggest the keyword “Web Design Southampton” receives around 390 searches per month with an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) difficulty rating of 24.

Ranking number one for a keyword like “Web Design Southampton” or whatever is relevant to your specific website or blog post could increase the traffic by a few hundred per month!

These softwares are extremerly useful when to comes to prepping your keyword list as they also reccomend other keywords that you might want to rank for.

How to rank for keywords?

Let’s get down to bussiness, you want to start ranking. Long story short you need a platform like Ubersuggest or SEMRush to analyse what keywords you’re aiming to rank for.

Track these keywords for a period of 1 to 2 weeks and see how they perform, if you’re satisfied with the results and think it would be beneficial to add them to your site, begin adding them in as many places as possible.

Alt text, image names, H1 headings, links, buttons, body text, image descriptions. Everywhere!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, can I just copy and paste the keyword 100 times but set it to 0% opacity? NO!

Google is a clever machine, it knows when you’re not doing things properly. As it scans through your website it’ll pickup on bits like this and could potentially peanlise you for it, resulting in a decreased chance of ranking… :(

Make your web pages flow and sound natural while incorporating your keywords and linking out to other pages, internally or externally. Google with then recognise what you’re talking about and place you in the necessary position for that specific term/keyword.

Create Responcive Websites

Google monitors your website and the content thats posted on it, it does the exact same with the responsiveness of your website. Google will know when your website is mobile friendly or not.

Making sure your website is 100% optimised for mobile will actually benefit your Google ranking by a surprising amount.

You can use a Google built software like Mobile-Friendly Test to find out how your web pages perform on mobile. Test this against your competitors and adjust according to the negative feedback you get from Google.

Below you can see how our ZETO website performed on the Mobile-Friendly-Test. You can see how we have a “Page loading issue” this is due to our website having a large, full screen video upon loadin, which will slowdown the website (Try to avoid this if you can, however, we prefer the awesome background video style)

Ranking On Google in 2021 in a nutshell

It’s not an easy task, I don’t doubt that, however, if you keep at it and keep doing the right things, you will start seeing results.

Create your keyword list, analyse those keywords, write content about them, fit them into as many logical places as possible, link your website to and from other websites, try to do feature content ono other platforms like Medium (Blog Posting) and BOOM, 3–6 months time you’ll be moving up the ranks!

If you have anymore questions about SEO (Search Enginge Optimisation) and ranking on Google in 2021, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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