Exploring Our Digital Marketing Services

As a digital marketing agency in Hampshire, we have established our place within the industry and built a strong, reputable identity that delivers creativity, uniqueness and drives positive change within the digital/physical world.

During our time so far, we have overcome many challenges and developed strong partnerships with like-minded brands and businesses across the UK.

Within this article, we’ll take a dive into the workings of our agency, how we help others and why we believe so strongly in our purpose.


Firstly, every project needs some form of structure, and we like to start by identifying a strong strategic foundation that will be the framing for our projects, whether it’s a new Website, Marketing Campaign, or Graphic Design.

We’re not just a marketing agency, we’re a team of Graphic Designers, Web Designer/Developers, Photographers/Videographers, and Marketers. Together we work hand in hand to build unique brand experiences that deliver results and gain positive attention.

Initial meetings end with detailed research into different creative approaches that best suit the project at hand. Our team of creatives capture the focus message and delivers an authentic initial scope of the project that gives our clients the opportunity to visualise what we plan to deliver.

Visual Identity

Visual identity is a key element to every business, no matter the industry. Picking a catchy business name, designing the ideal logo, and picking the correct colours. This is the foundation for all businesses and brands and it needs to be strong and memorable.

Your brand is how people will remember and recognise you, ensuring it stands out from the noise is imperative to a brand's survival where brand loyalty is no longer a promise.

We help businesses get this right, ticking all the boxes to ensure a strong foundation is built from the ground up, hand in hand with our clients so they feel confident and happy about the appearance of their business. With design-led research that encourages the right choices.

Before our designers get into the creative zone, we take a look at your audience and business with a fine-tooth comb. ZENTA Digital knows what works and what doesn’t as we’ve worked within just about every type of industry.

Websites and Hosting

Our websites aren’t built from templates. We pride ourselves in building bespoke websites that are purpose-built for the business and its audience. Throughout the delivery of the project, customer experience is at the heart of what we do, this doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to the beauty, style, and functionality of the website, it just means that we take your experience seriously. When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Website functionality is optimised for all devices, ensuring the smallest details are working correctly across all device types and sizes. We believe in building websites for your audience, not for us.

Our hosting guarantees an uptime of 99.98%, with 24/7 support giving you peace of mind that if you do run into an issue, it’ll be resolved as quickly as possible. Taking advantage of dedicated hosting means your website can run to its full potential without running into any issues. From big e-commerce stores to small portfolio websites, we offer a range of hosting packages that work for all budgets and businesses.


Our goal is to drive more traffic to your website, ranking you higher for specific keywords that are directly related to your business and its services or products.

Some agencies focus on very easy, broad optimisation that is going to increase traffic to your website, however, here at ZENTA Digital, we like to focus on keywords and optimisation that is going to drive the right kind of customer to your website, giving you a higher conversion rate.

ZENTA Digital

Our services allow your business to express creativity to its true potential. Great projects start here: get in touch with us today to find out how we can assist you.