Facebook Down! What really happened

I’m sure you’ve all heard the latest social media drama, yet again involving Facebook.

Normally, these issues are short lived, a small fix you could say, however, this wasn’t a small issue, nor did it require a “small fix” – What felt like minutes, slowly turning into hours.

3.2 Billion people where effected by this outage. To most peoples surprise, it’s not just Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp that where effected. Billions of people use the company to sign in to many other apps and services, leading to unexpected domino effects such as people not being able to log into shopping websites or sign into their smart TVs, thermostats and other internet-connected devices.

Technology outages are not uncommon, but to have so many apps go dark from the world’s largest social media company at the same time was highly unusual. Facebook’s last significant outage was in 2019, when a technical error affected its sites for 24 hours, in a reminder that a snafu can cripple even the most powerful internet companies.

Now, let me explain what happened and why. This information was provided by Alex Herb on twitter.

Facebook (accidentally, we assume) sent an update to a deep-level routing protocol on the internet that said basically “hey we don’t have any servers anymore xoxo”

Normally, this would be quite easy to fix. You just send another update saying “oh, don’t worry, we have servers, they’re here, xoxo”. Things still break, it takes a while for the message to spread to all corners of the internet, egg on face, but liveable

But Facebook runs EVERYTHING through Facebook

So when its servers were booted off the internet, it also booted off…. the abilityto send that follow-up message and the ability to log-in to the system that would send the follow-up message and the ability to use the smartcard door lock on the front door to the building that contains the servers that control the system that sends the follow-up message and the messaging service you use to contact the head of physical security to tell them they need to high-tail it to the data centre out east with a physical key to override the smartcard door lock on the front door.

FACEBOOK: “we’ll run everything our company does through our own products and platforms, that way we’ll have the tightest corporate culture imaginable!”

*FACEBOOK accidentally deletes its products and platforms from the entire internet*

FACEBOOK: “oh no”

To round up this entire fiasco, Facebook is now having to manually reset every server and fortunately for its 3+ billion users, it’s live again.

Back to my day job of setting up digital marketing campaigns on Facebook & Instagram 🤙🏼

Happy Days