What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social media networking app that anyone can sign up to for free. It's designed to connect and network people, no matter where you are in the world, you can connect, chat and engage in professional content posted by like minded individuals.

Should you be on LinkedIn?

If you're an employer, LinkedIn can be a fantastic platform to find your new talent. LinkedIn allows you to look into others professionals, their achievements and content to gauge a good understanding of someone before even talking to them. Furthermore, if you're a employee, LinkedIn is the place to be if you're wanting to make a great impression on your boss or potential boss by having a detailed profile, professional looking profiles pictures and banners, and a clear bio that summarise what you do best.

The ideal LinkedIn profile

Everyone on LinkedIn is unique, they're all trying to standout and look the best which is why having a fully loaded account is incredibly important for the success of your profile. Completed profiles receive many more profile views that an in-complete account. You should prioritise a well presented profile picture, clean banner and structured bio that best describes you and your achievements. After all, 93% of recruiters use LinkedIn to research and hire potential employees. LinkedIn is like a live, digital CV that is on Google 24/7 365 (Which is why employers love it)

Joining LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn allows its users to create and join groups. If you're interested in Marketing, Website Design or just about anything, LinkedIn will most definitely have a group for you to join. These groups are ideal to make extra connections that could ultimately turn into friends, work colleagues or business partners down the line. You'll be in the prime location to meet and chat with like-minded individuals that share similar professional interests to you