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Tough Runner UK is one of the UK’s leading running event organisers, hosting marathons, duathlons, triathlons, half marathons up and down the country. Tough Runner UK came to ZENTA Digital to improve its consistency and take its online engagement to the next level through the use of online advertising and website development.


When Tough Runner UK first started working with ZENTA Digital, they already had an existing online presence, branding and large audience, however, they lacked consistency and their much-loved audience didn’t receive the touch points they needed to encourage them into races.

With more than 40 races a year, ranging from large-scale triathlons in Bristol to smaller 10K runs in Falkirk our responsibility was to ensure we could get as many entries into these races.

The events industry is a fast-paced environment and with an event taking place almost every week, we needed to be fast, efficient, agile, and responsive pretty much 24/7.


Tough Runner UK had thousands of event images that we were able to dive into, giving us maximum flexibility to develop and optimise our digital ads and bring appropriate content to the Tough Runner audience.

ZENTA Digital ran a large number of campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, optimising the ads daily and creating refreshed content that resonated with the targeted audiences.

We used a variety of techniques, audiences, customer lists, and targeting to hone in on Tough Runners’ ideal sporty customer that would later turn into sales.


We initially made improvements to a few of the Tough Runner website pages, helping them push their business further while also developing new landing pages for specific offers we were running ads for. We worked with them to understand current issues they were facing with their website, and carefully analyse how competitors were representing themselves online. This then allowed us to ensure we where creating up-to-date designs & layouts.

Together we highlighted areas that needed improving and came up with a plan of action for these changes. Our website developers worked to update and fix their current website while new pages were designed, approved, and built.

All our work took into account early conversations with the client.

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We developed a range of website pages on the Tough Runner website. Our first was adding a Black Friday timer across the entire website that was aligned with the launch of our Black Friday ads that ran across Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Throughout the research and development phase, ZENTA Digital and Tough Runner thought their events page needed sprucing up, so we made the joint decision to expand the size of each event tab and add more visible buttons/information. Since making this adjustment, we saw a 20% increase in the page’s CTR!

For Christmas, we ran a Spin To Win competition that was loved by thousands of running enthusiasts. This campaign was a great success as we managed to capture over 500 new emails at a cost of just £0.33p per customer email.


ZENTA Digital took over the Tough Runner ad accounts from another agency after they struggled to stay consistent and showcase experience performance. 

We came in and reworked both Facebook and Google ad accounts with a restructured, manageable, and logical layout. This ensured reporting could be easily done and understood by both us and the client.

ZENTA continues to optimise campaigns across both platforms on a regular basis. We frequently review ad copy, creatives, and other elements to increase the ROI and CTRs.

Since we started, we have cut down on unnecessary spending and clicks, generating an impressive 300% CTR improvement which in turn helped us generate well over £50,000 in ticket sales throughout November.


ZENTA Digitals’ work for Tough Runner UK continues after an extremely positive performance, generating well over £50,000 throughout November 2022. 

In addition to this financial achievement, we were also able to capture over 500 new emails at an average cost of just £0.33p per email. If we converted just 50% of these email sign-ups, we’d be looking at an additional £6,250 in sales from a spend of just £350!

Overall, Tough Runner has spent a combined total of £5,000 across Facebook, Instagram, and Google, which has resulted in well over 3000 ticket sales.